Welcome Activity - Geneva Rösti Contest

Getting Ready

Create the most innovative Rösti and win the Geneva Rösti Award Diploma!

Share your Rösti experience

You can share your Rösti experience with other participants during the activity by posting your photos, via EventStream and by proposing innovative creations that give your Rösti a special touch of your country or your tastes.

Geneva Rösti Award Diploma

Our chef cook Ivan will chose the most innovative and tasting proposal and this newley created recipe will be awarded with a diploma and will be served during one week to all collaborators of the University Hospital in Geneva! So get ready your mind and your potatos!

Rösti Contest Departure Check list….On your marks !

Food :

  • Starchy potatoes (agria, bintje) : 2 lb (nearly 1 kilo) – between 4 and 5 pieces, depending on the size

VERY IMPORTANT: the day before the contest, « pre-cook » the potatoes, in water, plain (don’t peel them). Put them on salted cold water, and boil them 10 to 15 minutes. They have to stay tough in the middle.

Let them cool down out of the water, without peeling them.

  • Veggie Fat (sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, …) : 3 tablespoons
  • Fat again! (optional, but so much better) butter : 0,6 oz
  • Salt
  • Pepper

To personnalize and  try to win the contest, prepare all the original, typical, local spice, preparation, topping ingredient, that you cand find in your country (legal ones…please)




  • Energy source (gaz, induction, fire, electricity)
  • A pan
  • A plate, with the same circumference of your pan (you’re all doctors, easy to make the calculation)
  • A grater. A large holes one. Not to make powder or purée :) 
  • A spatula


See you on the rooftop, Tuesday the 1st of June!


Ivan Coullet